The question and answers provided on this page are all based on questions we are asked by our clients on a day to day basis and are provided here for your information based on the best advice we can give with our years of experience.

Q. Is it legal to have a tattoo under the age of 18 with your parents consent.
A. No, you must be 18 or over at the time you have your tattoo.
Q.Is it ok to have a tattoo done at someones home or they come to your house.
A. Our advice is to use only tattooists who are registered and licensed with the local authority health department and can provide you with their licence as proof. If they dont have a licence and are not open to inspection then it begs the question

 “what have they got to hide”?

Q. What is the most important thing regarding hygiene when having a tattoo.
A. Everything, from the studio being well kept and clean but especially anything that comes into contact with you, namely the tattoo machines and the needles and tubes especially. The tube is the part of the machine that is held by the tattooist and is equally important as the needle itself. All of the needles we use are the single use disposable kind all sealed in pre sterile blister packs as are the tubes. We always set up the tattoo machines in your presence and the needles and tubes are disposed of after each tattoo

We unwrap it. use it. bin it.

Art’s Ink: Rest assured, providing you with a clear conscience & a high standard professional tattoo.

 Q. What is the best aftercare for my new tattoo.
A.  In our opinion the dressing should be removed 2 – 3 hours after the tattoo is done. Discard the dressing. Gently wash the new tattoo with mild soap and luke warm water. Repeat this twice a day.
This keeps down the scabbing by removing the build up of residue from weeping of the new tattoo.
Re – wrap the tattoo using a new piece of a suitable cling film dressing. It is beneficial if you can sleep in the new dressing during the first night or two as it stops the tattoo sticking to bedsheets and keeps it hydrated which gives a positive effect on healing. Now we come to what cream should be used. Art’s Ink recommends TATTOO GOO. Designed for tattoos, it’s soothing, promotes rapid healing and preserves the colour and grey shades of your tattoo. Apply 3 times daily or when needed.  In stock now. Original salve and lotion. As a word of warning some of the nappy creams used for putting on tattoos contain lanolin which is widely known among tattooists to sometimes strip pigment from a new tattoo.
Q. What is the best aftercare for a new piercing>
A. Let your new piercing settle for 5 – 6 hours before cleaning with a solution of warm salt water. Simply boil a kettle. Let it cool. pour about half a cup of the water into a suitable container and add a teaspoon of sea salt. If you are busy, working etc: and you don’t have time to prepare the salt water solution, you can buy some saline spray from the chemist. Clean the piercing three times daily ensuring to remove any crusting. you can use a q tip to do this.
Q. Are ultra violet, (blacklight) inks safe to be tattooed with.
A. In the early days of backlight ink some twenty years ago we were led to believe they were not safe. However, there are UV inks in circulation now that are said to be safe to use. We don’t use them personally though. Maybe at some point in the future.
Q. Why do some tattooists use cling film as a dressing for a new tattoo.
A. From our personal point of view, we like the film as it is a dressing which does not stick to the tattoo. You can see through it which means you don’t have to rip it off to show your friends your new piece of artwork and lastly, it does have a very positive effect on the tattoo.
Q. Is it safe to have a piercing done using surgical steel jewellery.
A. Generally, no. Surgical steel is best used for the manufacture of scissors, clamps and other surgical tools. The fact is that many people are sensitive to a metal called nickel. Nickel is in many other metals, one of them being surgical steel.
Any good body piercer will only pierce you using jewellery made from grade 23 titanium jewellery which is standard at Art’s Ink. Even when the piercing is healed we advise  that any replacement jewellery you buy is nickel free.

2 Responses to Faq’s

  1. sharon walker says:

    had tatoo done today,19th jan 2011, just want to say FANTASTIC, thankyou soo much, will be back a.s.a.p. hairdresser.

  2. Jo says:

    Debz did me a tattoo this morning of my three children’s names and it is so beautiful. Am really pleased with it – in fact coming back in on Friday with my friend to get her tattoo done :)

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